March 24, 2022 Ember Davis



 – Multinational adoption shows that it’s about more than just software –

March 24th, 2021, MESA AZ – Xcelerate Software, the leader in restoration job management is announcing accelerated growth into yet another international market. Continuing to expand overseas is just another milestone that indicates the strong market fit and rapid adoption of Xcelerate that is taking place within the global restoration industry. Restorers are looking for innovative alternatives to job management software and partnering with a company who has the vision to deliver solutions for difficult and changing market conditions. 


Xcelerate is not new to the international landscape. They have operated within Canada since the beginning and market share continues to expand. “It has been very exciting for us to gain traction on other continents simply from people hearing about how Xcelerate can drive their business to the next level,” says Rachel Stewart CEO & Founder of Xcelerate.  “Real solutioning for real world contractors is what is driving the growth.”


In addition, Xcelerate attributes much of this accelerated growth to the amazing partnerships that they have with other software solutions in the space. Xcelerate’s stance on being a platform that integrates easily with other solutions, makes it an easy choice for businesses trying to streamline and simplify the complexity of restoration. Stewart explains, “The goal is to make using all these different tools feel easy, with workflows, communication, and information exchanging effortlessly  in a way that feels seamless for those operating in the field. Many of the tasks that used to take manpower to accomplish, can simply be automated to reduce the labor burden and increase efficiency.  It is so refreshing to see our industry catching up with the potential that technology can provide to the overburdened boots on the ground.”  


The approach of Xcelerate is revolutionary to the Restoration market. Exceptional job management, field documentation & sleek reporting is of course forefront in the software, but it’s how this technology is  built to scale profitability  that makes Xcelerate the only one of its  kind. Simple job management software is a thing of the past.  What Xcelerate does is transform restoration contractors into sophisticated business owners with KPI Tracking, Powerful Reporting, Robust CRM functionality to drive sales, and ultra tailored Conditional Workflows to drive successful teams.


In an industry where data is utilized as currency or where companies are just simply pushing the status quo, Xcelerate is blazing the path with the contractors best interest in mind and revolutionary thought leadership. Technology advancement is increasing rapidly and contractors will want to be at the forefront of these changes with a partner that has a vested interest in their success. To find out more, visit www.xlrestorationsoftware.com to see how Xcelerate is transforming the way contractors do business. 



Xcelerate Software is the most innovative restoration job management software available. Built from an in-the-field perspective, Xcelerate is uniquely equipped to increase operational efficiency, improve profitability, and elevate both job and team management for restoration contractors. In a market where job management software has become overly complex, outdated and overpriced, Xcelerate Software is placing renewed emphasis on delivering a simple, yet comprehensive solution that benefits all employees within a restoration organization. Learn how you can restore your power to succeed at www.xlrestorationsoftware.com.

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