The Importance of Standard Work

June 9, 2020 nathanl

Most Restoration companies are too busy putting out fires to focus on company strategy. Whether dealing with an upset customer, walking a job that went sideways, or negotiating a settlement on a claim, a variety of scenarios suck up resources for Restorers each and every day. Everyone would love to grow and scale, but most won’t: they’re spinning their wheels.

So how does anyone break the cycle? How do they work ON the business instead of working IN the business?
They must refocus and trust their people to perform in each respective role. Most importantly, they need to implement standard processes. This is the key ingredient to all growth.

This can be very hard, and most people in Restoration agree that one size does NOT fit all. However, that doesn’t change the fact that without stable, standardized processes, a company will not scale. Look at any successful franchise and their recipe is distilled, written down and then copied, over and over.

Software can play a key role in systematizing what a Restorer does. Whether it’s documentation, reminders, or communication, software can help. A properly built software system should stabilize your work environment. This will help take the company from 10 to 70 employees, or 1 to 5 locations. It even helps prepare an organization for an eventual sale, if that is the planned end-game.

Whether using Xcelerate or not, in order to remain competitive over the next five years we highly recommend to invest in software that helps standardize your work.

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