The Beauty of Technology

February 1, 2018 Ember Davis

I was recently at an industry event where the main, and almost only, topic of conversation was how technology is radically transforming our industry.

To be honest, I couldn’t be more thrilled about this prospect. I am someone who loves the ease and convenience that technology adds to my life.

I was an Amazon shopper before it was the standard mode of purchase for mainstream America. (I may or may not have bragged to anyone who would listen that one year my average Christmas shopping took less than 3 minutes per purchase. Awesome, right?)

But, to click a button and magically have packages appear on your doorstep just hours later is an amazing and wonderful gift. For someone who hates stepping foot in a store of any kind, this is the equivalent to the invention of indoor plumbing. Blessed and wonderful! The efficiency alone is enough to make my heart race.

Unfortunately, this much-needed and long-overdue tech advancement in the restoration industry, is currently aimed solely at the insurance side of the industry. Insure tech is booming right now. Huge investments in money and resources are being poured into developing and updating the technology used by insurance companies to reduce costs and make them more efficient. Insurance companies are adapting and using technology to cut their costs and simplify their processes. This is smart business.

Why aren’t contractors pursuing the same strategy? They have dealt with out-dated, inefficient, slow technology for a long time. As I look around the market, I wonder, “Where is the innovation? Where is the efficiency? Where are the solutions to the real issues that contractors are facing?”

This is exactly why we created Xcelerate. It was specifically designed to close the tech gap and give contractors the software tool they’ve needed for years.

Xcelerate was developed because we needed and wanted job management software that would help us manage our team, reduce operational inefficiency, increase our profits, and keep us competitive. We needed that software to be fast, intuitive, and easy. It had to be quick to learn, simple to use, and give us powerful analysis that was effortless to access. Xcelerate checks every box.

What do you need?

What do you want from your software?

Rather than making do with Band-Aids, employing multiple programs, or using inefficient workarounds, imagine a world where your software works for you, rather than the other way around.

This world exists with Xcelerate.

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