Run Smarter

April 1, 2018 Ember Davis

When I was in high school, I ran on the cross-country team. I know for most people, running cross-country is just a way to experience lots of unnecessary pain really early in the morning, but I loved it.

I was also really competitive and wanted to win. And win a lot. I mean, as long as you’re out there racking up miles in the desert, winning can be an awesome byproduct of all that effort.
So I always worked as hard as I could and learned as much as I could with that goal in mind.
I wanted to find a way to make winning almost automatic and tried to figure out the secret that would guarantee the win.

But my coach didn’t really see winning as some big mystery. His advice was always the same: “Run faster!” No matter what the situation was. No matter what the weather was. No matter who my competition was. No matter what, that was his advice: “Run faster!”


Why didn’t I think of that?

But what do you do when you can’t run faster than your fastest?

I remember watching other teams strategize and plan and decide who was going to capture the lead and set the pace, when they were going to use each other to decrease drag, and who was going to reserve enough in their tank to kick in with all their might at the finish. I was so jealous of their tactics and race strategy. They weren’t just running faster. They were running smarter.

In many ways, contractors are being left behind in the restoration race. With ever-tightening margins, serious skilled labor and material shortages, and increasing documentation requirements, we are running faster than ever before. The trouble is, just “running faster” may not guarantee us a win. Without a real strategy that includes using the right tools to give you every advantage, all you are doing is wearing yourself out just trying to keep up.

We designed Xcelerate software specifically for contractors to give them a better tool to help them win. You want to eliminate the time your guys are waiting out in the field for drying documents? Done. You want to see the pictures of that fire job that was just estimated? Here you go. You want to know the KPI’s on your team with one-click of your mouse? You got it. You want to know your profit on this water job compared to that one? No problem. You want to forecast a possible new business strategy? As you wish.

We have the tool that will do all of it. And on top of everything else, it’s fast, simple and intuitive.

You’ve tried “running faster.” Now it’s time to use technology to give you an advantage. Xcelerate is the solution to reestablish your market share, grow your business, and maximize the efficiency of your team. It was built on purpose, with the single goal of guaranteeing the win and restoring your power to succeed.

Now, who wants to go for a run? I’ll race you.

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