Experience the future of seamless collaboration & efficiency with Xactimate and XactAnalysis, soon to be integrated into Xcelerate Restoration Software.

Streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and deliver superior results with our upcoming integrated solution. Our soon-to-be-released work orders will be a game-changer in how you produce jobs and manage your workflow.

Stay tuned for updates & be among the first to experience the next level of restoration management.

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Xcelerate mockup - File Screen

Discover the seamless harmony of Xactimate and XactAnalysis integrated into Xcelerate Restoration Software. Benefit from:
  • Streamlined Workflow Automation: Automate tedious tasks and streamline your workflow for maximum efficiency.
  • Work Orders: Improve accuracy and consistency while optimizing resource allocation.
  • Faster Estimating: Speed up estimating timelines and get projects moving faster.
    Improve Accuracy and Consistency: Ensure precision and consistency in your estimates for better outcomes.
  • Optimize Resource Allocation: Make informed decisions on resource allocation and maximize efficiency.
  • Drive Operational Excellence: Enhance overall operations and deliver exceptional results with our integrated solution.

Streamline Your Workflow and Enhance Efficiency

Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with multiple systems, and embrace a more efficient way of doing business.

Our integrations allow you to seamlessly manage all aspects of your restoration projects, from photo documentation to financial management. You can access a wealth of data and insights, all in one place, to make better-informed decisions and deliver superior results to your clients.

Focus on what really matters: delivering quality service to your customers.

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