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Xcelerate: The Beginnings

Developed in 2017, Xcelerate was created out of a need for job management software that performs with all the advantages that innovative and modern technology offers today – artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms, and exceptional speed.

What started as a kind of “dream software” wish list, soon became the answer to increasing efficiency, margins, and profitability for contractors throughout the industry. And we are just getting started…

Our Mission

Our mission is to help contractors increase performance excellence, compete within their market and accelerate business profitability.

The Backstory

At our core, we’re restoration contractors.  Very simply, we developed Xcelerate out of our need for excellent job management software.

We’ve been in the industry for two decades and so we know your concerns and frustrations firsthand.  We understand the pressures you’re up against.  There is no denying that margins have tightened in the restoration business and we all face real challenges in remaining competitive and profitable.

Let’s get to the good news.

As we looked for ways to adapt, trying to work smarter and not just harder, we could see that one of the biggest drags on our time, energy, and efficiency was outdated technology.  While industry forces are tough, what started to become even more frustrating was the lack of adequate technology to allow us to react, pivot, and adjust to changing conditions.

As insurance and commercial players in the industry worked to evolve in the new environment–through claims payout changes, TPA’s, and technological investments–we found ourselves restricted by outdated, unwieldy software that required inordinate amounts of time and resources to use and manage and then gave us so little in return.

As you know, these software programs were slow and cumbersome and took forever to learn.  Even worse, they provided no easy access to data analytics, profitability, or accountability measurements.  For years we used workarounds, juggled multiple programs, and outsourced much of our reporting and KPI tracking to get the numbers we needed to run our business.

Um, this is still not good news.  Don’t worry; it’s coming.

We know that these frustrations were not unique to our company.  We’re all acutely aware of the many limitations of current job management software programs, and all the features and capabilities we wish they had.

(We had a list, and we bet you do too.)

But regardless of the universal dissatisfaction, there was nothing else available on the market.  So, after searching for what we needed and coming up short, we decided to create what we could not find.

And that, finally, is the good news.

We assembled a team of the very best software designers and engineers in the business, required the most innovative technology available, and knocked every one of those must-haves and wish-it-hads off the list.  Our developers’ exceptional  skill and expertise combined with our industry knowledge has allowed us to design a software program that is second-to-none.

We included everything we needed and wanted to make day-to-day business operations more efficient and easier.  We ensured that the software was intuitive, organized, and fast, with a 20-minute learning curve.  We invested in powerful data gathering, report generation, and decision support, to give contractors as much relevant and potent information as possible.  And we packaged it together into the most powerful, elegant, user-friendly, and capable software that exists on the market today.

Who are we?

We are contractors who knew things could be better.

We are contractors who needed things to be better, so we formed a dream team that designed a state-of-the-art software program to improve daily operations, increase profitability, and give you control over every aspect of your business.

We are contractors and developers who want to restore your power to succeed.

Xcelerate Team

Rachel Stewart

Founder and CEO
Headshot - Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart is the CEO and one of the Founders of Xcelerate Restoration Software, a job management system designed to help contractors be profitable.

Having spent the first 12 years of her career growing and building a restoration company from $1.5 million to over $20 million in annual revenue, Rachel developed a passion for the restoration industry. She also found areas of deep frustration – as she focused on growth, efficiency, and profitability, she encountered the limitations that technology in the space had on a daily basis, and it was affecting her people and the company’s bottom line. She was determined that innovative technology was the answer and if employed correctly, it could make an enormous difference for not only for present situation, but for contractors everywhere.

This led to gathering a team of exceptional program developers and other industry top performers to build Xcelerate. The end goal is a job management system that operates as a hub to connect all the important systems and process that are involved in a restoration claim. Simplicity, excellence, and innovation are what drives her team to create the best job management software available in the restoration space.

In addition to her work in the industry and with Xcelerate, Rachel is the Author of Unqualified Success: Bridging the Gap From Where You Are Today to Where You Want to Be to Achieve Massive Success and she is the host of the Restore Your Power to Succeed podcast.

Umesh Jain

Founder and CTO
Headshot - Umesh Jain (240x400)

Umesh Jain is the Chief Technology Officer of Xcelerate software. Umesh is also the founder and president of Nowanalytics. He is a respected leader in the areas of contact centers, customer service, business intelligence (BI), sales force automation, technology strategy, customer relationship management (CRM) and global outsourcing of information technology and contact centers.

Mr. Jain has over 22 years of experience in a wide variety of business functions including strategic planning, marketing, customer data analytics, contact centers, and market research, as well as experience with a broad spectrum of technology platforms including software product management, business process design and operational execution. He brings a combination of strategic understanding with hands-on experience to the Xcelerate team. He is also certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt with specific emphasis on contact center operations.

Mr. Jain has held several executive management positions including more recently as the Senior Vice President of Strategy and CIO of PRC, LLC. Prior to that, his corporate positions included executive positions at Cambridge Technology Partners, overseeing the call center technology domain for the Southeast US and Latin America, and as Managing Partner of US Web/CKS (now MarchFirst), where he created and ran the global call center and CRM practice.

Russ Palmer

Founder and CSO
Headshot - Russ Palmer

Russ Palmer began his entrepreneurial journey when he started a carpet cleaning business in 1994 out of a rusty, old white van. It was through this modest one-man show that he was first introduced to the water damage restoration industry. Second to his wife, he had found his true love.

Focusing on restoration and learning everything he could about mold and moisture, he grew this into a small water restoration business and developed a glowing reputation, and by 2005 he started Titan Restoration, a full-service, highly-regarded restoration company with a reputation for excellence.

Russ has always had his eye on the big picture.  He has a great business mind and can see the trends on the horizon while having a firm understanding of the ins and outs and the players in the restoration industry.  It was obvious the discrepancy between the tech he had and the tech he needed was only growing bigger, creating concerns about the productivity and profitability of his company in the future. To solve his own problem, and help level the playing field for contractors throughout the industry, he formed a team to create Xcelerate.  Focused unwaveringly on efficiency, profitability, and accountability, his vision for truly innovative software has become a reality.

Nathan Link

Director of Operations
Headshot - Nathan Link

Nathan got his first computer when he was ten, and quickly learned to live and breathe technology. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Washington, he worked in many industries across the public and private sector utilizing his financial and technical abilities, building a reputation as a forward thinker, a visionary, and a solid coach & trainer.

He entered the Restoration industry only four years ago, becoming the Operations Manager for a large ServiceMaster Franchise in Washington State, but quickly became aware of the large gap existing between the technology Contractors are needing and what they are using. He knew this simply because he was repeatedly being asked to build it himself!

When he heard about what Xcelerate was doing, he knew immediately he wanted to be a part of it, and picked up and moved his wife & newly first born child 1,500 miles away to Mesa, Arizona.

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