PRESS RELEASE RESTORATION 1 ADOPTS XCELERATE AS RESTORATION JOB MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE OF CHOICE — Restoration 1 to Roll Out Xcelerate Across Franchisees Nationwide — JUNE 23, 2021, MESA, AZ – Xcelerate Software, a leading restoration job management, field documentation, and analytics solutions provider, announced that Restoration 1 is adopting Xcelerate Software as the restoration job

Restoration Job Management – Organization

41% of Americans interviewed want to improve productivity and organization goals. Restoration Job Management with Xcelerate helps contractors do just that.

Finding the Right Restoration Project Management Software

Finding the right restoration project management software can seem challenging or intimidating. We want to help! With the right partner, your business can run more smoothly, with less stress.

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The Power of Paperless

The Power of Paperless Over the past decade, the restoration industry has seen a tremendously positive transformation away from paper-driven processes through the adoption of restoration management software. These changes have brought with them an immense number of benefits to contractor workflows. Restoration management software solutions, such as Xcelerate, help contractors to take full advantage

The Importance of Standard Work

Most Restoration companies are too busy putting out fires to focus on company strategy. Whether dealing with an upset customer, walking a job that went sideways, or negotiating a settlement on a claim, a variety of scenarios suck up resources for Restorers each and every day. Everyone would love to grow and scale, but most

Xcelerate Integrates Matterport Technology

celerate, the innovative leader in job management software for restoration contractors, is pleased to announce the integration of Matterport technology into its software platform. Xcelerate is the first and only job management software in the industry to offer the powerful visibility of Matterport technology to its users.

Using Vision To Look Ahead

My daughter just turned old enough to get her driver’s permit.  This is a whole new world for me, mostly one of abject terror and serious consternation about why they let babies drive cars.  But that is a debate for another day. As we have been practicing her driving skills, I find myself constantly reminding

Run Smarter

When I was in high school, I ran on the cross-country team. I know for most people, running cross-country is just a way to experience lots of unnecessary pain really early in the morning, but I loved it.

Time for a Change

I’ve always been taught that time is a finite resource. There is only as much of it as there is. You can’t make more of it. You can’t wish it away and have less of it. It is finite. Except, apparently, two days out of the year. When suddenly, through the questionable “magic” of Daylight

What’s the Score?

This past weekend the NFL Combine was held, which is the last big showcase for new NFL recruits before the draft in April. Scouts from every football team are there to assess the incoming players. Over the course of three or four days, they try to measure and appraise the attributes and abilities of every