Why now?

Why now?

Given the current economic and social forces at work in the restoration industry, there has never been a greater need for cutting-edge technology to make every contractor more successful and competitive.

Economic Forces

As you know, the current economic climate for restoration contractors has never been more challenging. How’s that for an understatement? In the last year, catastrophic events have resulted in losses estimated at over 300 billion dollars. That’s a lot of damage with a lot of impact, for everyone in the industry. As insurance companies have tried to reduce the cost of these catastrophic events, they have continued to tighten the restrictions of recent years regarding about what they will pay for and what they won’t. Consequently, contractors have been forced to work within smaller and smaller margins.

Simultaneously, while pay outs have tightened, supply costs have risen with the demand for materials caused by these widespread losses. Ultimately, it costs contractors more to do their work while they are being paid less to do it. That’s not good math.

Adding to these financial pressures, over the last few years the U.S. economy has rebounded and interest rates have risen and are scheduled to continue to increase. Rising rates combined with an industry average of over 90 A/R days, means that contractors relying on borrowed operating capital are especially feeling the pinch and the increased risk.

Social Forces

The improving economy has also produced a drop in the unemployment rate, currently around 4.7% but in some markets this equates to essentially zero. The housing market has also made a significant turnaround and new construction is busy. The abundance of new jobs especially in the construction industry, has made it increasingly difficult for restoration contractors to hire skilled labor at competitive rates and turnover has gone up. This means that contractors are paying more for labor, training, and materials to complete their jobs…that, remember, they’re getting paid less to do. (Ouch. And double ouch.)

Technological Forces

In the middle of these considerable economic and social changes, one thing that hasn’t changed for contractors is technology. There has not been a significant investment in tech for contractors in over a decade. (At least not one that provides a total solution.) Current job management software offerings are outdated and unresponsive to today’s growing technology needs. It’s a little like going back in time, which theoretically might be fun, if it weren’t so completely frustrating.

Archaic technology makes day-to-day business for contractors cumbersome and slow. Entering data takes too much time and then retrieving photos, documents or data when you need them is nearly impossible. Getting profitability or productivity analytics requires extensive workarounds or outsourcing and remains a pipe dream for many contractors. Additionally, the almost universal need to use multiple software systems, with multiple points of entry, only adds to the inefficiency and confusion. At a time when streamlined operations and data-driven evaluation are needed most, there is no viable option available.

On the other side of the industry, however, insure tech is booming. Huge investments in money and resources are being poured into developing and updating the technology used by insurance companies to reduce costs and make them more efficient. Insurance companies are adapting and using technology to cut their costs and simplify their processes. This is just smart business. Why aren’t contractors pursuing the same strategy? How long will we be content to wait and watch from the sidelines?


The reason why contractors hesitate to invest in busines technology comes down to three factors:

  • Tighter margins alongside increased administrative demands
  • Rising interest rates, labor costs, and turnover
  • The absence of up-to-date, workable technology for contractors

all demand a real solution.

Why now?

Because we’ve waited long enough.

We can’t change many of the factors in the marketplace, so how do we work smarter in the current conditions to be more profitable, get more efficiency out of our team, and decrease wasted administrative time? How do we reduce daily operational friction to increase both our productivity and our profitability?

We use technology to our advantage.

Xcelerate’s industry-revolutionizing software will allow contractors to reduce administrative workloads and overhead, as well as simplify and expedite information input and retrieval to make your whole team faster and more efficient. Xcelerate uses advanced algorithms and AI technology to effectively reduce A/R days and easily identify what jobs are profitable and where to focus your energy and efforts. Robust analytics are built right into the software to give you an at-a-glance assessment of productivity goals, job completion rates, and other key performance indicators.

Unlike other software offerings, Xcelerate was built from an in-the-field perspective. The mobile component was not added as an afterthought, but started as the foundation of the software program so that your efficiency and control on the actual jobsite would be maximized. Imagine a world where your job management software actually made your technicians’ jobs easier.

And one of the best features? New employees can learn the software and be up and running within minutes.

It’s fast, simple, and intuitive.

It will make you nimble, efficient, and profitable.

It’s going to blow your mind.

And it’s about time.

Yes, industry forces are putting extraordinary margin strain on restoration contractors. But Xcelerate combats these pressures through improved operational efficiency and speed, expanded visibility of productivity targets for the entire team, and superior data analytics for maximizing profitability on every job. There has never been a greater need for contractors to have fast, smart, advanced technology working for them and Xcelerate is the innovative software tool that will change the game.

Xcelerate restores your power to succeed.


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